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Cost versus price is always something that has to be fully detailed and documented in order for a true comparison to be made. And Tas has an interesting point, he has an American partner. Is this the OEM, or a broker, or another tooler? I am interested in what Tas finds works best for his firm and for the users of the mold in his opinion. A few short years back, we saw molds being brokered overseas, but now that is rarer, usually American firms have sister/partner firms or a plant located in China nowadays.

Injection Mold Manufacturer is a leader among moldmakers. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. Injection Mold Manufacturer is an america injection mold company located in Los angeles. Our company concentrates on mold design and mold manufacture. The main products are Plastic Injection Molding, Injection Molded Parts and Custom Injection Mold.

I knew a short term scam when I smelled one, so I ran a spread sheet on resin, shipping, extruding costs, etc., for both domestic and Chinese sourcing. It became apparent that certain "costs" were not wrapped into the original Chinese bid. But, common sense lost out to upper level decisions by a management team that turned a blind eye to longterm prospects and math.

As to the Chinese partners ,yes,most of the American firms have parter firms in China, while as you said ,the partner cost will be increased much especially,because both of them are growing at the same time ,so the American firms will turn to the new parters,that's why they will get so many introduction emails every day. Hope this comments would help all to understanding Chinese factories and try your best to be patience to commuction with them ,then you will found you get exceed your expection. If you are a seller, do you know what are the customer's mostly concern aspects on selecting an injection molded parts maker in China? If you are a buyer, how do you select a reliable mold maker in China?

You have indicated the material being HIPs. Option B would be the better method due to less pressure drop within the system (this can be compensated by bore diameter changes). You will need to pay attention to residence time in the system, in particular if you are running an additives package like a flame retardant.

There have been many valid concerns and considerations raised in this discussion. One other consideration might be the part design. Some parts will be more moldable with a top center gate. Test Tubes, Cups, Caps, Closures, and similarly designed parts come to mind. These types of parts will fill better, tend to be more round, and have less core shift when gated on the top center of the part.




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